Winter Running Tips

Run into the wind when you head out.

  • Ideally if you can plan your run where you run into the wind on your way out and have it at your back on your return you will feel warmer.  On extremely windy days have your spouse or someone else drive you out into the wind so when run back home the wind is at your back the entire time.

Split Long Runs in to Loops

  • If your long run call for a 10 miler. Split that run in to two loops of five.  This way if there is an accident or you find it too cold to run you aren’t that far from home.  If you run by your home on your route you can also stop in to warm up between loops.

Leave the Speed Work Behind or Do It On A Treadmill

  • Winter is not the time to be focusing on speedwork, most races are months away and any benefit gained by speedwork at this stage in training will be lost come race day.  The varying conditions of the road also make speedwork at this time of year dangerous.  What is a dry road one minute is ice covered the next and if you are focused on hitting a specific time you have a higher probability of slipping on the ice covered path.
  • If you absolutely must do speedwork, first have your head examined and secondly do it indoors on a treadmill.  The treadmill will allow for a steady footing for you to do your speedwork.  Just keep in mind that times on the treadmill do not necessarily equate to times on the road.

Run on the Lakes

  • One of the true joys of winter running is running in places you cannot normally run. Running across the frozen area lakes offer a new view of the area.  I recommend running across N. Lindstrom Lake through the channel and into North Center.  The best time to do lake running is a few days or weeks after a snowfall.  This allows for the snow to be packed down by snowmobiles and four wheelers which will give you a path to run on.  Watch your footing on the snow/ice mix and have fun exploring.

Cover exposed skin

  • Exposed skin is a case of frost bite waiting to happen.  Try and cover all exposed areas when running.  If an area is difficult to cover, (Cheeks, nose etc.) apply a layer of Vaseline to cover exposed areas.

Tuck Shirts in While Running

  • Tucking your shirts in to your pants when out running helps to trap heat and keep it close to you body.  Take a few moments before heading out the door to make sure everything is nice and tucked in.

Change Clothes Quickly After Finishing Run

  • After a winter run it is important to change out of your clothes quickly, before the chills set in.  Taking a warm shower and getting into new clothes will help you to keep you feeling warm and toasty.  As a bonus you will smell better too.

Run with a friend or a group

  • Running with a group keeps you accountable to your goals and will help to get you out the door on those really cold mornings.  Besides misery loves company. Lakes Community Fitness runs every weekend so look them up every Saturday at Northwoods Roasterie for someone to run with.

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