Getting Dropped

Go on enough group bike rides and it’s bound to happen.  It called getting dropped and it sucks.  One minute your leading the charge down a quiet country road and the next your watching the wheel you where supposed to grab onto slip further and further down the road.  Soon you are left all by yourself as the group rides into the sunset, leaving to you to suffer all by yourself until either you reach the regroup point or the ride is over.

Call it a right of passage, but tonight I was dropped by the group on my Monday night ride.  I was taking my turn leading the charge and as I approached a turn I looked back to see if all the riders where still with the group and in that moment as I was looking back the group passed me. The group moved further down the road and oddly I wasn’t with them.  Just like that I was left to fend for myself.  Make one mistake and bam your paying for it.

Not wanting to admit defeat, I shifted down gritted my teeth and began to chase.  I pedaled with all I had, my legs searing my lungs burning but it was no use. Despite my Jens Voigt like effort separation between the group and myself grew with each painful pedal stroke.  I was dropped and my resisting it didn’t change that it had happened.  I sat up, shifted into an easier gear and continued my ride conceding that I’d be the one of the last ones at the regroup point.

Even if you aren’t a cyclist many of us often “drop” things in our daily lives.  We fill our lives with all sorts of activities and events. With each additional event we move faster and faster as we follow the group down the group the road and before we now it we are speeding down the road and we’ve dropped what should be a very important part of lives.

Jens Voigt at Sparkassen Giro Bochum

Jens Voigt at Sparkassen Giro Bochum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All too often the first thing we drop as we get busier is our relationship with God.  It takes only a moment to drop it and before we know it we are too busy to pray, too busy to attend mass and we justify it by saying that we are just keeping up with the group.

God desires a relationship with you and while we may drop Him, He will never drop us.  All we have to do is take a moment out of our busy lives to regroup and reconnect with God.  It is that moment of reconnection that God will provide respite from the wind and shelter from the storm.  God will take his turn at the front and working together He will help you reach your destination.  As we explore our often all too busy lives, be sure not to drop your relationship with God, because as every cyclist knows, its always best to ride with a partner.

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