Call Me…..Maybe?

I’ve been doing some math recently, which makes me realize two things.  First, I’m glad I majored in English while in college and second I’ve become so dependent upon calculators that even simple addition now require me to use a calculator.  Ahh the wonders of technology.

The reason I’ve donned a mathematicians hat is simple. I was trying to figure out all the ways people can get ahold of me.  I was driving home from work the other day and started to count up all the different ways someone could reach me.  The list started small, but soon grew exponentially.

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Here is a breakdown of all the different ways people can get ahold of me.

Email Addresses:  7 (I’m sure there are more, I just can’t remember them all.)

Breakdown: Too many

Phone Numbers: 5

Breakdown: Two work numbers, cell phone, home phone, a google phone number that I set up but forgot how the thing works.

Online Accounts (Facebook and the like): 9 (I created the breakdown list on a napkin and then had to blow my nose so the writing is covered in boogers.  Alls I remember is Facebook and Twitter sorry.)

Post Office addresses: 2

Breakdown: Work and home.  I had an offshore Cayman mailing address set up for you know “business reasons” but had to shut it down when the IRS came a calling. (Totally kidding on the Cayman Island account thing, I’m not a multinational corporation…..yet.)

So by my calculator assisted calculations that gives me a grand total of 23 ways for people to get in contact with me.  I left out carrier pigeons and smoke signals since nobody really uses those anymore, but if I counted them it brings the total to 25, (didn’t need the calculator for that one.  Take that Texas Instruments)

English: Texas Instruments, TI-30 electronic c...

When I finished up my list I was rather impressed at the number of contact opportunities have with me.  Suffice it to say that if I ever win the Publishers Clearinghouse, I won’t miss the call.

Then I really started to think about it.  Here I am an average American male, more average than I actually like to admit, and I have all of these ways for people to get ahold of me.

As I’ve mulled this list over my head started to swell a bit. Maybe I’m more important than I thought, I mean do unimportant people have 25+ way to communicate.  I think not.  Then, as it always happens in my life, I was given a large piece of humble pie.

I was sitting in Mass the other weekend when it struck me.  God, arguably the most important person in the entire universe has one only one way to contact him….Prayer. Only one way and despite that one method there are never any busy signals and He always listens to those who call upon him.

Suddenly my 25 communication options didn’t seem all too important as I folded my hands and allowed God to put me back into my place.  In the end sometimes one is all you need.

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