Who’s Your Buddy?

Joy was undoubtably and most definitely center star last night at the Ordway. Snow fell gently from the sky twinkling in the beams of light being cast up by the spotlights outside.  Christmas carols played on a grand piano while children dressed in Christmas finery filled the place with an enthusiasm only found in the young.  As show time approached we all found our seats and as the curtain raised the line between the old and young blurred as we all became filled with the awe and wonder at what was before us.

IMG_1095Elf the Musical is a show which captures the essence of Christmas joy; drowns it in sugary maple syrup, covers it in gum drops and candy canes before throwing it upon the stage in a feast for both the eyes and the heart.  It was a feast readily gobbled up by all those in attendance for last nights performance.


Upon hearing the news that Daddy would be going to the Ordway as part of the shows blogger night and that she’d be able to go with me, my daughter’s face lit up with joy.  Every morning this past week when I woke her up she’d ask me one simple question.  “Is it Friday yet? she’d say wiping the sleep from her eyes.  “No sweetie,” I’d reply “Two more days until the show.”

Friday finally descended upon the Undem house and my daughter sprung out of bed, pumped her fists in the air and screamed “Elf Is Tonight!”.  The day passed quickly and before we knew it we were getting dressed for the show.

Only the fanciest of dresses in her collection would do and after putting on her best dress she asked me if her shawl matched, I told her it did.  Dressed to the nines we headed out to the car and made our way to the city for the show.

It was my daughter’s first trip to see a professionally produced performance.  She kept thinking we were going to Broadway and not the Ordway.  “No sweetie it’s the Ordway,” I’d gently correct.

We walked into the Ordway to find the theater itself transformed into a Christmas wonderland.  Decorations hung from the ceilings and the banisters, my daughter ceased to walk but rather spin her way up the stairs taking in a 360 degree view of the beautifully decorated theater.


We settled into our seats and during the performance I was faced with the difficult decision to watch either the show or to watch my daughter’s face watching the show.  With each scene change and musical number her face sat transfixed upon the stage joy radiating from her very being.  I watched the wonderfully vibrant colors on stage reflect in my daughter’s eyes. Vivid blues, radiant reds, colors so vibrant that I found myself wiping my eyes to make sure they were real.

My daughter spun her way out of the theater, the performance on its way to becoming a treasured memory.  I asked her what she thought of the show. “I loved it! It was great!” she said as she spun filled with Christmas joy and spirit.  “It was great.” I thought,

It is all too easy to fill ourselves this time of year with the stress of gift buying and the hustle and bustle that gets in the way of the true meaning of Christmas.  We often forget the wonder and anticipation that mark this season.  Elf does a wonderful job of reminding even the most jaded of adults to be more child like this Christmas season.  We all need to fill ourselves with simple joy of anticipation and when we do we will be reminded of what the Christmas season really is all about.


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