This Means War

There is currently a war raging in my house.  I didn’t start this war, but I intend on finishing it.  At some point during the past few months my home was invaded by small furry creatures.  I’m fairly certain they came in from the farm field behind my house, but where they originated from is rather irrelevant, but the fact that they have taken up residence in my home is not.

I am at war with mice.  My aging dog first alerted me to intruders when she hobbled across the floor after a quick moving mouse.  She watched it run into the closet and for the next few days she stood guard waiting to catch the mouse when it came out of the closet.  While she put forth a valiant effort, my beloved dog is not a mouser and at the end of three days the mouse still lived.

With my dog coming up short on the mouse killing front, I knew I needed to step in. I have a long history with mice.  I don’t like them and they don’t like me.  I headed off to the hardware store to purchase some good old fashioned mouse traps.  You know the type, chunks of wood with a spring and a copper wire.  Nothing fancy, just reliable.

There was a time in my life where I searched out the newest in mouse killing technology.  I bought fancy plastic traps that promised quick kills.  I tried covered traps that allowed you to dispose of the mouse without ever laying eyes on it.  If there was a new fangled mouse trap on the market chances are I tried it.

I used to spend quit a lot of time staring at the various traps at the store, reading their marketing promises only to take the traps home to find they didn’t always work as promised.  Oh sure they worked, just not as well.  I’ll spare you the gory details of what some of the traps did, but let’s just say it wasn’t always pretty.

English: A Victor brand mousetrap. This is uns...

In the wisdom I have gained through years of hardened battle with mice I can say with certainty that nothing beats a good old wooden trap.  Some may argue that this trap is better or that trap promises easier disposal, but I say take your traps and leave with me with my outdated simple wooden trap.

The Catholic church is a lot like an old fashioned mouse trap.  It may not alway present herself bundled up in the flashiest of ways, but the Church has worked since Christ handed the keys to Peter all those years ago and just like it worked all those years ago it continues to work today.  It may seem a bit outdated at times when compared to the flashier faiths of modern times, but what it lacks in flash it makes up in substance.

So when you find yourself in need of a religion or a mousetrap be sure to see through the hype and pick one that works for you.  Don’t let modern marketing promises sway you from achieving the desires God has placed on your heart.

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