Stubborn Like a Mule

My wife and I were driving home from mass a few weeks ago, when I told her about how I wished God would just let me tell me what I supposed to do with my life.  I hoping I would wake up one morning and have this life changing epiphany were God comes down from Heaven and says Daniel you are supposed to this with your life.

Before I had even finished my sentence my wife snapped back, “If God told you what you were supposed to do you wouldn’t do it.”  I thought about if for a moment. “Yeah you’re probably right.” I said.

English: This pair of mules were working a plo...

I’ve been known to be a little stubborn in my life.  Well, I guess a little stubborn might be an understatement.  Let’s just say I have a lot more in common with mules than I like to admit.

I blame genetics for my stubbornness. My genetics have blessed me with my rugged good looks and my legendary stubbornness. I have both the blood of Norwegians and the Polish coursing through my stubborn veins.  While the Norwegians and the Poles are a friendly people, they also invented and perfected stubbornness.

Map of the Baltic Sea, showing the Gulf of Bot...

Part of me is convinced that at one time the Norwegian and the Poles were a single nation, but an argument over a game of checkers caused a rift. A rift that grew so large due to the stubborn nature of the people that eventually they split into two countries separated by the Baltic Sea and Sweden.

Stubbornness isn’t always a bad thing. There have been some good things that have come as a result of stubborn people.  I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but I am sure they exist somewhere…..well maybe (I’m too stubborn to look them up right now).

I have thought about my own stubbornness lately.  Let me tell it hasn’t gone very well.  Both sides of my brain are too stubborn to concede anything so the discussions aren not proceeding as planned.  But I am gleaning valuable insight in to why it is important to be stubborn.

We all need to work be stubborn about certain issues in our lives.  We are often tempted to disbelieve certain aspects of our faith.  We can easily amass a large collection of data and arguments on why we should disbelieve a certain Church teaching.

If we lose our stubbornness it is so easy to be swayed by these unwise arguments.  We need to stubbornly hold on to the teachings of the Church.  We need to internalize these teachings because it is these teachings that God Himself wishes us to know.  Internalize not only the Word of God, but also the teachings of His Church.

Grow stubborn in your life, stubborn not to the Word of God, but rather grow stubborn against the pitfalls and temptations of secular life.  The more I think about maybe my stubbornness isn’t a bad thing after all, although my wife might disagree with that.

English: A cross close to the church in Grense...


5 thoughts on “Stubborn Like a Mule

  1. Daniel,
    I see a pattern in your recent posts. I sense the struggle you feel pedaling into the wind and standing firm in your stubbornness. Perhaps your wife is correct and God has been speaking to your heart all along, but you don’t want to listen? All of your struggles, regardless of how they turn out, are not easy. I truly wish you the best. I will continue to pray for you.
    – God bless,

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