Lost and Found Connection

Last night my internet connection went down.  I know what you all are thinking, how on earth did you survive a night without the internet.  I will admit it was touch and go for a while, but in the end I was able to get through it. Despite my inability to google whatever fleeting thought ran through my head.

Internet Access

I discovered the lack of internet when I got home from work.  I had this tidy little list of things I wanted to get done online last night.  I was looking forward to an evening of returning emails, catching up on some blogs, and trying to identify the best app to teach myself Latin (I’ve had this weird compulsion as of late to teach myself Latin.  If any knows of a good program I’m open to suggestions.)

Needless to say the lack of internet caused my entire evenings worth of plans to be put on hold.  I couldn’t even work on editing my next book as it is stored on the cloud and not on my computer (lesson learned put it in multiple places).  Instead of moping around the house until my internet connection came back online, I did something I haven’t done is a while.

I told my daughter to grab her jacket and we headed outside for an adventure. I took her to the park.  I watched her go down the big slide, spin around on some kind of spinning contraption, and play angel on the swing.  Once every piece of equipment had been used, we were off to the next park and then the next and then on the way home we stopped at one final park.

It was a wonderful time to be Dad.  Standing out in an unseasonable warm fall air watching my daughter spin herself dizzy only to stand up and try to run a straight line.

My long to do list sat gathering dust at home as I watched my daughter climb across the monkey bars.  I knew that list would still be there when I got home, but a moment like this wouldn’t.  That email I needed to sent could still be sent in the morning, but my daughter wouldn’t be there; she’d be at school learning about the latest playground game where she gets to play a dog or elephant or something like that.

When we got home from the parks and I didn’t even bother to check the internet connection.  It didn’t matter to me anymore wether or not I had new emails waiting for me, they’d still be there in the morning.  What mattered to me now was being a Dad.

Yes, last night my internet connection went down and that’s okay.  God used that simple act to show to me how very very blessed I really am.  I have a wonderful daughter who is growing up much to fast.  The digital world may move at the speed of light, but so does the world of parenting.  I needed the reminder God gave to me last night.  I needed to be reminded what really matters in this life.  I now hope the internet goes down again tonight. There are a whole bunch of parks that need to be explored and I need to teach myself how to play this new dog/elephant game more than I need to teach myself Latin.

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found Connection

  1. Love this! Great job Dan. You are a wonderful father and uncle. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to unplug for a little while and play with our kids. We will never regret spending too much time with them, that’s for sure.

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