Ordinary Man


I am an ordinary man.  I may like to think of myself as extraordinary. You know the type of man who can solve incredibly complex physics problems while juggling chainsaws and reciting sonnets from Shakespeare. The reality is, however, I can do none of these things.  The only thing I have been able to juggle in my life are small silk scarves that float when you toss them up in the air and I struggle to juggle even these.


So what is one to do when one is merely ordinary.  Our society is one that does not deal well with the ordinary, in fact on some level we all like to believe we are extraordinary or at least somewhat above average.


It has been a tough pill for me to swallow; this label of merely ordinary.  It goes against all that I was taught in school growing up about how we are all special and how we are all above average in some way shape or form.


Vanilla ice cream

No, the more I think about it the more I think I am truly just an ordinary man.  I am simply a plain scoop of vanilla ice cream; no sprinkles on top.  This label of ordinary, while a tough pill to swallow, has been a tremendous blessing in my life.


When you’re ordinary, there really isn’t all this pressure to perform.  People tend to look at you and not expect much.  Take for example an ordinary piece of bread.  When we buy a loaf of ordinary bread, we don’t expect it to taste like a fancy homemade or boutique loaf of bread.  It is supposed to taste simply like bread.  Not some rosemary infused olive oil drizzled gourmet delight.  The ordinary taste of the bread matches up to our expectations.


Ordinary is simply that…ordinary.


We all need to embrace our ordinary.  Throw off the chains of the extraordinary that bind us to goals and expectations we simply can’t meet.  Learn to exist as merely ordinary members of society and when we embrace the ordinary, the extraordinary starts to happen.


For you see, when the spirit of God flows down upon the ordinary, extraordinary things begin to happen.  God chooses to use ordinary things in the Eucharist.  It is simply ordinary bread and ordinary wine, but when He send his spirit down upon them they are transformed in to the extraordinary body and blood of Christ.


So live your live as ordinarily as you can, but be open to the Spirit.  Let the Spirit work through you and you will be transformed into the extraordinary.  I am ordinary and that’s okay.


7 thoughts on “Ordinary Man

  1. What a great, dare I say, extraordinary post. I love the food analogy. There’s nothing wrong with being a plain scoop of vanilla ice cream or a plain piece of bread. They provide the base upon which to build delicious creations, through the Holy Spirit of course.

  2. The hits, they just keep on coming. Nice work Daniel, what a great post. Yes, learning to discover, embrace and enjoy the ordinary is one of life’s charming secrets.

    My wife and I discovered this when we stumbled in to rehabbing squirrels. Squirrels are one of the most common and ordinary critters there are. Or so it seems. Until you get to know them. And then they are most extraordinary.

    They were right there, every day, everywhere, all around us, all our life, for decades, and we rarely paid them any attention at all, because they were ordinary. Now our home is filled with squirrels, in almost every room.

    Squirrels taught us that nature is full of individuals, and now we see friends all around us. The key to this unfolding for us was the gift of grace, and a willing to serve a couple of orphaned baby squirrels that were dropped in our lap.

    • I commend you for re-habbing squirrels. I don’t think my wife would allow me to have a house full of squirrels, but then again I have never asked. I love the fact that you have found the extraordinary in simple ordinary squirrels. God Bless.

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