Would You Eat A Frog?

I’ve recently acquired a new daily habit that some might consider slightly odd, maybe even gross.  Every day when I wake up the first thing I do is eat a live frog.  It may sound slightly unorthodox to eat a frog  first thing in the morning, but rest assured I feel stronger every day and I have no plans on ceasing my live frog eating habit.

English: A froglet waves goodbye to the world ...

My decision to eat frogs every day didn’t start after a trip to a French restaurant where frog legs were served on the menu.  No, my decision came from a Mark Twain quote I read recently.

The Twain quote I recently read was:

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

I have taken Twain’s words to heart and now every morning when I wake up I decide which frog I am going to eat that day.  I will admit that I have so many frogs in my life that sometimes it is hard to choose which one I will eat.

Somedays the frog is easy to find. (I keep them in a box next to my bed)  Other days I have to track down the frog, but nonetheless every day I start it out by eating a live frog and by doing so the rest of my day always goes better.

Now I suppose I must confess, that when I speak of frogs I am speaking in the metaphorical. I eat a metaphorical frog everyday when I wake up.  (The only frog I would actually eat is one made out of gummy.  I find the prospect of eating gummy frogs to be one that is very delicious.)  No, my frog eating is limited to those pesky little left over and new tasks on my ever present to do list.

Every morning I scan down my to do list and pick the one task I would rather put off and that becomes my frog for the day.  Somedays, when I am feeling extra motivated, I might even pick two frogs to eat that day, but never three.  I need to watch my waistline.

What I have found is that by making the decision to tackle the most difficult task first I am able to get more done.  Once that frog has been eaten, everything else I do that day doesn’t seem quite as bad. I feel I am leading a more productive and happier life as a result.  I have even adopted this strategy in my faith.

When it comes to my faith, I have quite a few frogs jumping about, not plague levels mind you but there are quite a few.  I keep putting off this or that in hopes that one day it will go away.  I now look at these weak spots in my faith as my frogs and by eating them each day am now growing in areas of my faith that were previously stagnant.

Take a look in to your own life to find the frogs and when you find them don’t run away from them, but rather go after them with a knife and fork.  Make the decision to eat a live frog every day and you will be shocked at what can happen.  Besides frogs are an excellent source of lean protein, something we all need more of.

6 thoughts on “Would You Eat A Frog?

  1. So do you recommend eating the big frogs first to get them out of the way, or gobbling up the little ones before you make the move to the little ones, or should you just take the first frog within reach??? One needs best practices in order to get the jump on this. Thanks for the article!

    • Best practices for frog eating are as follows. Large frogs should be eaten before small frogs unless small frogs are all that are available. If no frogs are within reach first thing in the morning it is acceptable to postpone frog eating until one becomes available. The postponement is only good for a maximum of 3 hours, after that the first available amphibian must be eaten. Keep in mind it is advisable only to eat a maximum of 2 frogs daily any more than that and your risk for unprecedented success goes up substantially. God Bless.

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