My Blog’s Facelift…It’s about time

English: A catechism lesson in a Madras Presid...

I am nearing the one year mark of when I started this crazy little blog. I feel that for the one year anniversary of my blog I am going to something spectacular.  I am going to actually define what this blog is all about.  Probably should have done this from the start, but hey sometimes I a little late to the party.

When I first started this blog, I had no idea what it was going to become.  I still really don’t know what this is, but my rebranding effort will at least help shed some light on what I am hoping to do.

Catechism Clips

The new tagline. Chainrings and Catechesis…..Life as a Catholic Cyclist sums up nicely what I hope to accomplish in future years with this site.  I have a strong passion for my faith and for cycling.  I hope to highlight my passion for these things in my writing.

I want to highlight the fact that I many not be best Catechist out there.  There are so many out there who can offer better explanations of what it means to be Catholic than I. I have highlighted some of my favorite blogs to the right with the links.  If you are looking for good Catechesis check out these blogs.  They do a better job than I.

Be sure to check out my new About page.  It contains information about this blog and what it is all about.

Thank you to all who have read my blog over the last year.  I am humbled that there are people out there willing to read my crazy thoughts.  So from the bottom of my heart thank you for reading and for all the encouragement.

God Bless and Thank You.

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