Always Answer C

When I was in college, back when computer modems still buzzed popped and dinged when connecting to the internet and 56k was as fast as we could surf, there were two types of tests I would take in my classes.  First, the dreaded blue book test and the second was the much more approachable multiple choice test.

The first time I ever experienced the Blue Book was in my Intro to Philosophy class my freshman year.  I walked in to the classroom on test day, nervous about my first real college test.  The professor walked in, handed every a single piece of paper and a small blue notebook containing roughly 8 pages.  He then sat down at his desk pulled out an apple and said begin.  Blue book tests required you to write an essay on the spot and during my first test I had roughly 60 minutes to fill the notebook with my moral arguments for or against Capital Punishment.

I wrote furiously, penning thoughts worthy of Kant.  I wrote so fast and so much that my hand started cramping up.  At the end of the 60 minutes my pen was running out of ink and my Blue Book was full.  I proudly walked up to the professor and placed my test next to the apple core now sitting on his desk.

De Cito Eindtoets Basisonderwijs.

Blue Book tests became the norm for me as an English major, but every once in a while I was greeted with a multiple choice test.  I loved multiple choice tests.  Pick one answer from four, sometimes 5 but nonetheless the answer was always preprinted on the paper before you.  Besides multiple choice test strategy always told me that you could usually eliminate a couple of the answer narrowing it down to a one of two answers.

Even by employing this strategy there were times were I simply didn’t know the answer.  Whenever I found myself in this situation, instead of venturing a guess, I would follow the old adage of whenever in doubt always choose C.  It was a strategy used numerous times on multiple tests and in the long run in must have worked out for me because I have sitting above my toilet a signed college diploma.  Proof that the always choose C strategy works.

It has been years since I have had to take a multiple choice test, but the strategy of always choosing C is one I still use on almost a daily basis.  Life always poses questions from simple to very complex, but no matter what the question is the answer is always C; even if it isn’t a multiple choice test.  For you see if you answer all of life’s questions by answering through Christ you can’t go wrong.

So next time you are faced with a question be sure your answer is always C.

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