||: I used to play the trumpet.  I was never very good mind you, but I played for a number of years while in junior and high school.  When I first picked up the trumpet, my Dad told me that I had a great grandfather who taught bugling at some army base in WW1.  Not sure if there was any truth to that, but it gave me hope that one day I might be a decent trumpet player as I struggled my way through Old MacDonald and Ode to Joy.


Part of learning the trumpet was learning how to read music.  Our band director patiently taught us what all the little lines and dots on the score before us meant.  It was like learning a new language.  Each week brought new notes and new symbols to learn.  Treble clefs, bass clefs, sharps, flats, and hold signs were all learned, some more easily than others.

It was during one particularly eventful week we were taught about the repeat.  It seemed easy enough at first.  Two vertical lines with a couple of dots in front of it.  The teacher carefully explained that when we see one of these symbols on the page we are to go back until we see the the one facing it and then repeat all the measures between them.

I slowly raised my hand and asked the teacher why doesn’t the composer just write the music instead of having us repeat it over and over.  I don’t remember exactly the answer the teacher gave me in return, but I know it didn’t satisfy my middle school brain.  It didn’t make sense to me, why do we need to repeat music, why not just write the notes on the line below, that way we are still making forward progress and not constantly going back over old material.

It has been years since I first learned about repeats in music class and I still hate them.   I would much rather do something once and move on rather than repeat it time and time again.

Recently,I have learned that God like repeats or at least when He acts in my life He does.  I’ll spare you all the details, but suffice it to say square one and myself have become very well acquainted as of late.

Each time I’ve woken up and found myself in square one, forced to repeat what I just lived through, the first thing I do is get mad. Hey I am human after all and it is inherent in human nature that when things don’t go our way we get mad.  The second thing I do is pick myself up by my boot straps, ask God what He wishes me to do and then try my best to live God’s will in my life every day.

It is through all of my time spent in square one this past year that I my relationship with God has grown beyond my wildest dreams.  I have learned that each time I find myself in square one I need to trust that God has placed me here for a reason.  That just like how a composer uses the repeat symbol instead of writing out the music, there is a reason for me repeating what I am going through, even though I don’t fully understand it.

I need to constantly remind myself that God is every where, even square one.  So I guess some things are worth repeating after all.  😐|


2 thoughts on “Repeats

  1. Square one, I love it. Yup, been there, done that, still doing it. I guess the point is we’re supposed to stick with something until we finish it. Nice writing, well done.

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