New Blog Feature; This Is Huge Folks….Absolutely Huge

I read recently that when asked about the Theory of Relativity Einstein said that he thought of it while riding his bike, which helps to prove that all things worth doing are worth doing while cycling.

I’ve been thinking about adding a new feature to my blog, but to be honest; the idea of creating a new blog task seemed rather insane.  I was having a hard enough time coming up with a topic every week to write about, why on earth would I want to add another item to my list of things to do.

Then like a stroke of Einstein like genius, it occurred to me while I was out riding my bike.  Why not do a weekly post of things thought of while riding a bike?  I mulled it over for a while and the more I mulled the more I liked the idea.

So today I proudly announce the first ever “Things I thought of While Riding a Bike” which translates roughly to “Velo Vignettes”

Velo Vignettes can be about anything, the only requirement is that I had to have the thought while riding a bike.

Here is the initial installment of Velo Vignettes

I am often struck by the subtle beauty in the world, the amount of beauty found in ten feet of roadside ditch is enough to prove to even the most ardent of atheists that God exists. We just need to slow down enough to appreciate it.

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6 thoughts on “New Blog Feature; This Is Huge Folks….Absolutely Huge

  1. I’m a stationary-biker, but I think the principal is the same here. I get so much reading done of the Church Fathers, Chesterton, history, etc., etc.. People think I’m smart. Oh no, not smart at all. I just cycle a lot! =)

    • I spend most of my winter on the stationary bike. I usually just watch tv while riding, but might have to try reading this year. My list of books to complete had grown exponentially over the summer. Thanks for reading.

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