It Really Should Come WIth a Warning

It happened by accident, like all great discoveries.  I was sitting on an inner tube in the middle of a lake when out of nowhere something occurred to me that has the potential to change the course of human history.  Even as I type this, my hands are shaking from the awesomeness of my discovery.

What I discovered was the most dangerous word in the English language.  I was actually working on a new story plot for my latest book when I stumbled upon the word.  I was shocked at what had been placed in my lap.  The most dangerous word in the English language, sitting out there for anyone to see.

I swam to shore, dried off and then grabbed my iPhone to verify the word is listed in online dictionaries.  With shaking hands, I punched the word into a dictionary and sure enough the definition popped up.  I couldn’t believe it, here sitting under my nose for all these years was the most dangerous word in the English language.

I struggled with whether to share my discover with the general public, but like GI Joe used to say “Knowing is half to the Battle” so I decided to tell the world my discovery.

What I am about to give you is an incredibly powerful and dangerous word. It should be used sparingly as it can cause huge amounts of damage if improperly used.

Ready for the word?

The most dangerous word in the entire English language is this:


What surprises me most about the word is that it exists without a warning on it when you see it in the dictionary.  There is no caution words, no skull and crossbones alerting you to just how dangerous the word is.  It’s just sitting there smack dab between threw and thi.

I’m sure you might be wondering how is this innocent sounding word the most dangerous one in the English language.  Well, I’ll tell you.  This seemingly harmless pronoun can dehumanize the world and throw the user of the word into the pit of sin.

What I have discovered in my life is that It is much easier to speak ill of someone or some group when the specific name of the group is replaced with the word they.  Take the following sentence for example:

Matt and Chris are stupid.

When someone says this in conversation chances are the faces of Matt and Chris will pop into the persons head before it is uttered, making that person thing twice about calling them stupid.

On the other hand, if Matt and Chris are replaced with the word They. Matt and Chris’s faces will not be thought of when uttering the sentence, instead they are replaced with a faceless nameless blob.

By using they, it allows us to more easily slander and gossip about others.  We remove the humanity from those we speak ill of by removing their names.

We need to use this word sparingly in our daily lives.  We need to call people like God has called us, by name.  Call people by name, see their face in your head when you speak.  Use someones proper names as a barrier to gossip, as a barrier to hurtful words.

Let us all make an effort to not rely on they word They in our daily lives.  Let us remove the negativity associated with the word, reducing back to it humble roots as a simple pronoun.  It is a battle we can win because “Now you know and knowing is half the battle”.  Thanks GI Joe for the words of wisdom.

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