The Final Book Cover–At Least I think So.

I posted here a few months back that the cover for my upcoming book “The Offensive Catholic” had been finalized.  Well I may have jumped the gun ever so slightly on that.  Apologies all around.

After some much heated editorial debate and a designer who wanted to jump out of a window multiple times, here is the final cover.  This is the e-book cover so imagine it the size of you thumbnail when you look at it.  Isn’t it pretty.

If all goes according to plan you can be reading your very own copy of the book very shortly.  In fact, a preview of the first three chapters of the book will be made available very soon.  I’ll provide details as soon as I have them.

5 thoughts on “The Final Book Cover–At Least I think So.

  1. That’s an interesting book cover. You’ll have to elaborate. I like the St. Benedict cross. I have one on the rosary my spiritual director made me. He said St. Benedict will protect me.
    Thanks for following my blog. Looking forward to following you too.

    • Thank you for the comment on the book cover. I wrote the book last year, about 3-4 months after my conversion. It is a story about a young man who finds himself a missionary on a potato farm in Northern Minnesota. He tries to escape the evangelization mission of the farm he works on by hanging out at the local bar. It is through his time at the bar the main character starts to spread the message of Christ to a group of people who need to hear it. I researched many components of the book to make sure I stayed true to the teachings of the Church as well as the world of the bar.

  2. Had to muse a little at your book title. Is your book about Catholics who offend people? Or is it about Catholics going on the offensive against verbal attacks from people of other religions? I had a similar question come up while advertising in the local paper about my first book. My ad started “Attention Seekers”. My friends warned me that that statement had a double meaning. Also, will your book be available in paperback? I don’t have Nook yet, and it could be a while. However, I am highly interested in reading your book.

    • There is a little double meaning in the title, nice job picking it up. When I came up with the title I completely missed the meaning of going on the offensive. It wasn’t until I was at dinner one night with friends and someone pointed that out to me that I noticed it.

      I do plan on producing a paperback version of the book along with the ebook. I have a set of the paperback layouts on my desk as I type this. I just need to go through and do some final clean up before I release them to the printers. The ebook version will be ready prior to the paperback. Thank you for your interest in my book. If you have any specific questions about the book, please let me know.

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