I’m about to make a very bold statement.  In fact, it a statement so bold that if you are currently drinking any liquids you might want to swallow whatever is in your mouth so you don’t spit it all over your computer screen.  I’ll even give you a lovely little photo of a fern to look at while you swallow.

Okay, ready for the bold statement.  I want announce to the world that I have perfect faith.  My faith is 100 percent perfect I never falter, waiver, or question anything about my faith.  See I told you I was about to make a bold statement.

Well, I guess I should clarify this slightly.  While it is true that I do have perfect faith it is perfect faith is reverse.  If I look backwards in my life, spend time digging around my past my faith is perfect.  I know all that happened and why it happened.  All of those events where I didn’t know what the result was going to be, I now know what and why things transpired.

My backwards perfect faith reminds me of all the times I watched Jeopardy growing up.  The show used to be on when I got home from school and many days I would watch it and try to apply my Middle School knowledge to collegiate level answers.  Most days I was able to hold my own with the contestants.  I’m sure I would have failed the tests required to get on to the show, but while watching it from the comfort of my parent’s basement I did okay.

Once or twice every show, an answer would pop up on the screen I knew the question to but my brain couldn’t produce the answer fast enough.  I would stare at the television snapping my fingers and uttering nonsense as I tried to come up with the correct question to the answer. When the answer was finally revealed by the contestant that actually knew the answer I would groan and say to my friend I knew that.

My faith is a lot like the familiar Jeopardy answers.  When I am faced with a situation where the outcome is out of my control and I need to rely on my faith.  I will walk around snapping my fingers with the answer to my quandary on my tongue.  As my fingers snap, I will tear myself up on the inside with worry and doubt.  I fail to trust fully enough in God’s plan for my life.

It is only after God’s will is revealed to me that I will look up to the heavens and just like I would do when I watched Jeopardy, will tell God, I knew that.  I will forget all my struggles in coming to the resolution and I will secretly tell myself that I knew this was going to happen.

While my faith looking backwards is perfect, my faith looking forward needs work.  It is something that I work on everyday, working on trying to make my faith looking forward as solid as it is looking backwards.  Hopefully someday when faced with a question I don’t know the answer too, instead of snapping my fingers and faking an answer, I will sit quietly and let the One who knows the answer answer.

4 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. “God was in this place, and I didn’t know it.” Many many times!

    “God’s plan for my life.” Is that “plan” more like a ‘script’, or like an ‘agenda’? (You see the difference?)

    I was listening to this Cuban painter talk about the really weird artwork he’d needed to do, even though it was out of fashion with the regime & he’d ended up spending time in camps… And it suddenly occurred to me that the “art” wasn’t those funny objects on the wall behind him; it was the dialogue, the dance, between him and whatever he was working on it. When he hung it on the wall, it wasn’t art anymore…

    • Thank you for the reminder on God’s plan. I’ve spent many a night contemplating whether God’s plan for me is set in stone or fluid.

      My wife and I were just talking about art and emotions the other night and came to a conclusion similar to yours regarding what makes art. Is it the process of creation that makes art art and the final product is a glimpse into the emotion of the artist.

  2. Haha, I loved this! The Jeopardy situation is so true. Though, I’m slightly ashamed to admit that when I was *much* younger, I’d tell my friends that I knew the answer but wouldn’t tell them, because that would spoil it. And then, lo and behold, I was always right! I was a very sneaky preschooler.

    And I still kinda am. Like you, God and I definitely need to work my “faith looking forward”. So thank you for this!

    • Thank you for the comment. Love the fact that you would not want to spoil the answer for others.

      Forward looking faith is much harder to trust in, but when one does the amazing happens. God Bless.

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