What’s Good For the Goose…

Sums up my feelings for Geese

I’ve always had a sordid relationship with geese.  They don’t like me and I don’t like them.  It stated many years ago when I was a younger and I would walk along the banks of ponds and lakes in search of frogs and other aquatic life that interests young boys.  One fine spring day as I walked through the tall grass, I stumbled a mother goose sitting on her nest.  The goose fearing me a predator spread it’s wings, stuck out it’s little goose tongue, hissed, and then proceeded to chase me as fast as a goose can run all the way across the lawn.  From that moment on I have had a hate/hate relationship with the dreaded Canadian goose.

However, I will admit that I love ducks.  They are so well behaved.  When you walk up to a pond that a flock of ducks call home they are more than willing to get out of your way as your approach the waters edge. The ducks will quickly move to the water and give you an apologetic quack.  It is as if they are saying sorry for being on land and taking up the space you were wishing to occupy.

I was contemplating my relationship with geese and ducks the other as day as I was out riding my bike. I rounded a corner and spied a pair of geese standing next to a marshy area near the road.  The closer I got to the geese it became apparent they were not going to get out of my way.  The old mother goose stood her ground, and despite my being many times her size and riding a shiny bike, her tongue came out and she hissed at me.

I coasted by the hissing goose and my blood pressure began to rise.  My hatred of the flying sky carp returning to the forefront of my brain.  After passing,I glanced back and saw the goose still standing next to the road tongue sticking out and wings flapping.  I contemplated turning around and giving the goose a piece of my mind, but thought better of it and returned to my bike ride.  My blood pressure slowly returned to normal and I started musing about my relationship with the goose.  I looked at it from all angles and started to realize that my hatred of these birds might be misplaced.

I mean here was an animal that despite seeing a man clad in spandex balancing precariously on two skinny tires, decided to hold her ground and hiss at me.  Telling me that I don’t belong in the marsh and that it is time for me to move on.  She didn’t back down despite the threat I posed (and I look pretty threatening in spandex).  I then thought back to all the other geese attacks I had been subjected to in my life (and there have been a lot), every single time the goose wouldn’t yield despite the threat.

My hatred of the goose slowly started to become admiration.  I began to realize that I shouldn’t hate the goose, but rather admire them for their determination to stand firm when under attack.  I need to be more like the goose in my own life and less like the duck.  If people come at me for my beliefs I need to stick out my tongue, hiss, and flap my wings.  Well not really, but I do need to  stand firm and defend my beliefs no matter the threat.  Sometimes life’s littles lesson come from some pretty unusual places.

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