Everyday I’m Shuffling

I was listening to my iPod the other day and had a momentary flash of genius.  Well all of my thoughts border on genius so I guess I could just say that I had a thought.  I had set my iPod to shuffle and was listening to my favorite songs scroll slowly by as I worked on my computer.  I listened to a few songs by Nirvana, then Ray Charles, a couple of classical tunes and then some weird European dub step thing (it was a late night purchase from ITunes).

As these songs were played in random fashion I couldn’t help but notice something.  As soon as one song would start, no matter how much I liked it, I couldn’t wait to see what was next.  I was constantly hitting the fast forward button in hopes a better song would come on.  Even when Ray Charles “What I’d Say” began to play, which in my book is a fantastic song I wanted to hit the next button.  Before good ole Ray got to chorus I was already listening to next song.

A few hours of the listening and forwarding game I turned off the iPod and headed back to my life.  As I adjusted back to life sans the soundtrack I started to ponder the little event I had just undergone.  Not that listening to music and working on the computer is an event in my house, but for some reason it provided some much needed fodder for my brain.

My brain feasted upon this new scenario as the arms of the clock raced around the face.  I had alway fancied myself as one who was fairly patient.  In my youth I had spent time in a room watching paint dry.  I wanted to see if I could tell a difference between wet paint and dry paint.  Turns out you can, but the process of watching it dry isn’t as fun as it sounds.  My little escapade with the iPod made me realize that I might not be as patient as I originally thought I was.

We have become conditioned to always be looking towards the future, towards what is new exciting and fresh.  Many times we spend so much time focussing on what is coming up around the bend we forget to enjoy what we have at the present.  More often than not it is during these periods of reflection on our current state we come to realize what it is God desires for us.

Take a moment in your life to reflect on what it is God is trying to tell you and you might be surprised at what He is trying to say.  Enjoy the moment and maybe someday you, like me, may come to realize that patience may be a virtue, but so is not hitting the fast forward button on your iPod.

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