Big Annoucnement

Allow me to take a moment to depart from my usual witty and very deep insights in to life and religion to make a quick announcement.  I would to announce that I have completed my first novel and that it is slated to be published sometime this spring.  I don’t have an exact date on when it will be released, but it is coming.

The book is about a missionary who finds himself on a potato farm in Northern Minnesota instead of on a far off tropical island where he originally thought he was going.  The main character Sam finds himself getting into all sorts of trouble with the locals and the farm’s priests as he goes about his work as a missionary.  It is a book about finding your faith and offers a unique look at the Catholic faith and at life.

I will make the formal announcement when the book is slated to be officially released when I receive the information from the publisher.  All I have to offer right now is a sneak peak at the cover (well at least the ebook cover).  It is hot off the presses so you might need to wear gloves when you handle this thing.

Keep a slot open on your summer reading schedules for “The Offensive Catholic” due out sometime this spring.


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