Fortress of Solitude Needed

I recently read an article on introverts.  The article contained one of those tests on how introverted you are.  I sharpened my pencil and took the test.  Lucky for me it was a true or false test so I had a 50/50 shot of getting the answer right.  Turns out I am extremely introverted. In fact, I scored 100 percent on the introverted scale.

I stared at the test results for a moment.  Actually, I stared at them for a very long time. I stared at them while I was all by myself sitting in a very dark room (this is what true introverts do).  After much contemplation and thought I decided I needed to find a fortress of solitude, a place were I could go to ponder life’s biggest mysteries and the deeper meaning of life.

I looked to my childhood superheroes for inspiration on what my fortress should look like.  Superman had the fortress of solitude, Batman had the Batcave and Aquaman had….well I don’t remember what Aquaman had (he wasn’t one of my favorite characters growing up).  I started to look around the house for the perfect place of solitude.

I walked into my garage.  This is it, I thought, as the door opened.  I could work on cars, change cassettes on my bike, do woodworking and sign karaoke.  I looked around. The garage had a bit of a cave feel to it.  A fresh coat of paint and some new lights and it would be perfect.  As I stood in the middle of what would become my fortress, the chill of winter started to creep in.  The floor was cold, the walls were cold, and my feet quickly went numb.  I then remembered back to summer when it is so hot in there you can barely breath.  I quickly walked back into the house and scratched the garage off my fortress list.

I went back into my dimly lit basement and spent a long while (remember I aced the introvert test and this is how we roll) contemplating what my next move would be.  It was decided by a committee of me, myself, and I that the office might make a wonderful fortress.  I walked into the office and looked around. The temperature was a balmy 68 degrees, not quite T-shirt weather but better than the garage.  Short distance to the fridge, so far so good.  Computer for composing thoughts, bike on trainer for bouts of exercise.  Hey this place was looking up.  Then I looked at the large window with all of it bright light streaming in.  I shut the shades to see if I could get the room darker, but all that the cheap shades did was cast a grey haze over everything.  Office off the list.  Not dark enough.

Back to the drawing board I thought as I returned to the basement.  Why don’t I just use the basement?  I’ve been using thus far so why not continue.  Then my trusty dog, who likes to sleep in the basement dropped a little doggie bomb (the ones fueled by last nights baked beans) and suddenly the basement was out.

Where was I going to go?  I walked aimlessly around my small town and stumbled in to my local Catholic Church only to discover adoration taking place.  I entered the chapel and took up residence in the pew.  I offered a few quick prayers and then got lost in the solitude of adoration.  There were a few others in the room with me, but it didn’t matter.  All I noticed was the Blessed Sacrament on the altar and the feeling of peace.  Time became irrelevant as I explored the mysteries of life.

I opened my eyes and looked around.  There was a stained glass window to the left of me, a rosary to the right and the blessed sacrament before me.  The chapel, which was nearly empty when I walked in, was now nearly full and it didn’t bother my introvertedness one bit.  While I sat there it was just me, my thoughts/prayers, and Jesus. All else was irrelevant.  This was it. This chapel in small town USA was my fortress of solitude.  The only thing is that I am never alone when I am there……and that’s okay.

I just might need to retake that test again.

For those interested in the test it can be found here:

Introvert Article and Test

For more information on Adoration here’s the wiki link

Adoration Article

2 thoughts on “Fortress of Solitude Needed

  1. Dear Daniel Undem, The fact that you actually noticed other people puts your introvert status into real question. And, Aquaman had… himself, as a true introvert would only have. Himself and the Cathedral of the Sea. Well done on the blog.

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