Just a Little Patience

It was a small town cafe.  The type were the coffee is weak and the pastries are stale, but the place is an institution.  An old grizzled farmer and one wet behind the ears sit perched on lunch counters stools talking about the weather between sips of coffee.  The grizzled one leans over to the other and pats him on the back and asks. “Did you get your planting done?”

“Yep” the young farmer says putting his cup back down on the counter.  “How bout you?”

“Finished the back 40 yesterday.  If the weather sticks like this for a while looks like were going to have a heck of harvest.”  The old farmer takes off his dusty green hat and places it next to his cup.

“I’m fixing on getting out there in a week or two and harvesting.”  the young farmer says.

“Boy you out of your mind!”  the old farmer says in disbelief.  “Why on earth would you go out and harvest so close to planting?”

“Figured I’d beat the rush.” the young farmer says. “Besides a few weeks is plenty long to wait.”

The errors in the young farmer’s way of thinking are glaringly obvious.  He is rushing to harvest what was just sown.  The farmer thinks he can beat the rush by going out and harvesting early, but he is not allowing that seed to mature and grow to its full potential.

When we go out and spread the message of Christ’s love for us, we need to keep this in mind.  Be willing to go out and plant the seeds of God’s love, but give the seeds time to grow and mature.  Don’t rush or force someone into a conversion of the heart and the mind.  Live your life as the example to follow and let God do what He will with the seeds of love you have planted.

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