I am well aware that the title of this post is misspelled.  It was an intentional move on my behalf to try something new.  I wanted to write something about how we need to see Advent as a season were we should be preparing ourselves to add something to our lives (Christ) and vent something that shouldn’t be there.  Pretty clever huh.  Well the original idea I had vented itself out of my head and nothing was added in its place.  Since I have already started this post I figured I’d run with the fleeting idea I had.

Think about how you prepare for the Christmas holiday.  Go through the mental list of things you have to do in your head.  Don’t worry take you time I’ll even give you a nice little picture of a Christmas lights to look at while you think about it.

Now that you have a giant list of things you need to get done before Christmas, take that list and turn it inward.  Instead of looking at what you have to do to get your stuff ready look at what you have to do get yourself.

I’m guessing your list includes some sort of cleaning.   House cleaning and the like.  It is important to clean your house in anticipation of the arrival of guests, but what are you doing to clean yourself in anticipation of Christmas.  I’m not talking about showering, thats a given, but what are you doing to prepare your inner self.  Were have you failed God in the your daily life and what can you do to rectify those situations.  Reconciliation and forgiveness are as much  part of the Christmas season as tinsel and holly.

Go back to your list, I bet there is some type of gift buying on it. Thoughtful gift buying takes time and effort.  You need to spend time thinking about that perfect gift for someone and then go out and search for it.  The goal of gift buying is to find something the person will use and love.  Not something they will discard quickly.  Take a moment to think about what God has given us at Christmas time.  He gave us the perfect gift, something we are not supposed to discard or place on a shelf only to be viewed a few times in our life.  He has given us something we are to cherish everyday of our lives He gave us Himself.

Make God the focal point of this Christmas season.  Think of Him first and all else will fall into place.  The stress of season will be vented and God’s love will be added to our hearts.

I guess I got the metaphor to work after all.


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