Fall Colors

I was out for walk taking in the remaining fall colors.  The brilliant yellows, oranges, crimsons and the remaining greens.  My loyal pup strolled in and out of the brush lining the side of the highway we were walking by.  Ears flapping up and down matching her strides perfectly.  We both basked in the fading warmth of the late fall sun.

I stared at the fall colors on the horizon and said to myself we are all like the trees.  I must have said this out loud since my dog looked at me all confused.  She scanned her brain for what the command trees was supposed to be and settled on a kind a sit/squat position.  A quick good girl and she returned to the cornucopia of smells that a fall ditch contains.

The trees I was looking at had been there everyday since I started walking this particular stretch of road.  They were there in the oppressive heat and humidity of a mid summer.  Their buds in early spring hinted at the warm spring days on the horizon.  What struck me about these particular trees on today’s walk was the striking color each leaf now presented to the world.  The color had been there all year but was hidden behind a wall of chlorophyll.

My dog paused to smell the carcass of an unlucky raccoon, one that didn’t make it to the other side of the road, and as she sniffed around I was struck by a thought that bordered either on insanity or brilliance.  I tend to take the brilliance side of the coin, but others may choose to disagree.  I thought that we are all like the trees I was now seeing for the first time.  God places inside each and everyone one of us a beauty.  Something so beautiful that when seen we pause our busy lives to revel in its wonder and beauty.

While God places this in all of us we spent much of our lives covering in up.  We build up walls chlorophyll, feeding ourselves on lives full of sin and hiding the beauty of God’s creation behind it. When God looks at us He see through our walls and sees the beauty within.  All of us has the power to tear down the walls of sin and allow our true colors to shine.  To slowly change from green to the colors contained within.

Everybody has this beauty within in them and when see the people who cross our paths during our daily business we need to keep this in mind.  See the inner beauty God places in everyone and not the wall of sin we all project.  When we start viewing other this way we see the world as God intended it.  The world is no longe a place of full of fear and ugliness, but one full of beauty and wonder.

Sleepy Digs

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