Did Cavemen Invent The Microwave? Hmmmmm

I had a teacher tell me once that the microwave was invented by cavemen.  The entire class looked at the teacher like he was crazy. One kid spoke up and said “No way the microwave was invented by cavemen, they had a hard enough time trying to figure out the wheel and fire.”  The teacher held firm in his statement that cavemen invented the microwave.  After a few minutes of collectively trying to figure out whether or not our teacher was insane the class listened intently to the teacher’s belief that cave men invented a complicated food cooking systems.

The teacher said that the desire for the microwave was started by the cavemen.  As they sat in their caves roasting meat over open fires, they probably wished for a faster way to cook their dinner so the idea of the microwave was born.  This idea had to undergo a few transformations throughout the course of history, but in the end the microwave was born. Basically the desire for faster cooking was the predecessor for the microwave.

I was thinking about this yesterday as I was warming up my coffee in the microwave yesterday.  I thought to myself as I watched the cup spin round and round heated up my small amounts of radiation, hmmm if everything in our life is instant how does that apply to our faith.  We have become conditioned to want everything to happen instantaneously.  We want our suppers done in 5 minutes, our tv shows on demand, our internet searches blazing fast.  We also want our Faith to change and develop just as fast, but does it. Does God work at blazing speed?

I know that in my life God does not always work with the breakneck speed I sometimes wish Him to.  Sometimes he works at what seems likes a snails pace. Questions I want answers too don’t come fast enough, issues I need resolved don’t unwind themselves fast enough.  I used to get mad at God for this.  I used to sit on my bed and give God the ole’ angry fist shake saying to myself “Can’t you see I need this resolved and yet it is still unresolved.”  And then one day while mulling over all the issues in my life that are not solved I realized I shouldn’t be giving God the angry arm shake, but I should be giving to myself.

God is not going to change the rate at which stuff is revealed to me, all I can do is chance the way I expect that resolution to happen.  I no longer expect the changes to happen instantainously or on my schedule I have to learn to work on God’s pace and accept what is revealed to me when it is revealed to me.  In my process of slowing down I have discovered something missing from my life for a long time.  Trust.  Trust that what I need will be revealed when it needs to be.  My faith might not move along at the speed of light, but I know that I’m now cooking with fire.

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